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FAQs - Teachers (You can also email us at helpdesk@edventz.com for any queries)

1. What services of Edventz can I use?
    As a Parent, you can use Edventz services to:
  - Receive Automatic Daily Activity Reminders from Teachers
  - Receive Worksheets from Teachers
  - Check upcoming Competitions & Scholarships nationally

2. Through which all communication modes can I access Edventz?
  - You can login to the Edventz website through Computer or your Mobile (website is mobile ready)
  - Daily reminders will also be sent to you by email

3. Can I manage multiple set ups from various Teachers through one login?
   - Yes, the system has been developed with the capability to handle multiple accounts through a single user Id of youres
   - In case you have more than one child, it can be managed through a single login

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