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FAQs - Teachers (You can also email us at helpdesk@edventz.com for any queries)

1. What services of Edventz can I use?
    As a Teacher, you can use Edventz services to:
  - Set up Automatic Daily Activity Reminders for Parents
  - Share class worksheets with Parents
   - Access Edventz EdConnect network to get access to educational content published by your peers and experts (worksheets, articles, e-books)

2. Besides automated daily reminders, is it also possible to send the upcoming activities manually?
    Yes! After you login, you can send the reminders for upcoming activities manually by clicking the Send Activity Reminder Now

3. What type of worksheets can I upload through Edventz?
    Currently, you can upload files in doc, pdf and xls formats with filesize less than 500 kb

4. What is EdConnect and How do I use it?
   - EdConnect connects SCHOOL TEACHERS in India to collectively make them even more productive.
   - WIth EdConnect, you can connect with peers, share and access resources (worksheets, educational content)
   - In order to use EdConnect services, you need to register as a Teacher and then join EdConnect

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